1903 David Alexander buys estate
1913 Alexander builds first house on estate
1932 David Alexander passes away in Seattle, age 87
1948 Amelie Alexander passes away on Mercer Island, age 95

1948 Property sold to Merrit P. Starr and Harriet Starr
1948 Alexander house is torn down, the Starrs begin a new home
1950 The Starr home is completed
1950-51 Starrs divorce. Merrit moves to Alaska, Harriet keeps house, lives there with her two children
1952 Harriet marries William Sumerwell, who moves into the house with his only daughter
1956 A family room is added, now the West Bedroom Suite
1960 The Sumerwells move to Washington DC
1960-1978 The Mercer Island house is rented out to various tenants
1969 Merritt P. Starr passes away in Houston, age 49

1978 The property is purchased by William F. Wuerch. Plans are begun to short plat the property

1981 The property is purchased by Barbara and Myer Coval
1984 Covals begin extensive remodel of existing home
2000 Home remodel and additions are completed
2011 Harriet (Starr) Sumerwell passes away in Washington, DC, age 89