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    The Greenhouse is finished in massive granite slabs and boulders. Floor drains and a commercial hose reel hidden behind the granite ease Greenhouse cleanup.
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    Tropical plants and lemons surround the hot tub. Jets and massage air bubble controls are tub-side.
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    The Green house is accessed across the antique Japanese footbridge. The “stream” under the bridge gives access to the Tub.

Greenhouse and Hot Tub

The Greenhouse and Hot Tub are located on the south side of the Pool Room. The Hot Tub can be accessed via an antique Japanese footbridge or the stream that connects to the swimming pool. Surrounding the Hot Tub are tropical plants including Meyer lemons, bananas and bougainvillea. The Tub is completely independent of the swimming pool mechanical systems; filtration, heating, purification and circulation are all dedicated systems assuring perfect water quality control. The cleaning cycles and heat settings are controlled from the central computer located in the office. The jets and air massage bubbles are controlled tub-side.

Access to the Greenhouse is through the tropical garden and across the Japanese footbridge. The Greenhouse provides generous space to manage all the early season starts for the organic vegetable gardens, as well as the beautiful orchid collection. The Greenhouse is made completely of solid granite boulders installed by Dan Gagnon. The 6” thick by 21 foot long solid granite workbench weighing 4700 pounds is an unbelievable tour de force sculptural piece, also crafted by Dan Gagnon. The bench-tops were sawn by Marenakos Rock, which is a feat in itself.  The massive granite boulders were positioned on a nine-foot diameter diamond tipped saw and slowly sawn under gushing water to keep the blade cool. At the time the bench was fabricated, this saw had just been built and was the largest rock-cutting saw west of the Mississippi. Around the Coval House pool alone there are over one hundred granite boulders that required the Marenakos diamond saw.

The greenhouse glass was provided by Evergreen House of Kirkland. Overhead insulated glass panels are tempered, commercial grade units designed to withstand impact. All exterior gutters and downspouts are hand fabricated from stainless steel. The Greenhouse has floor drains and a commercial water hose reel to facilitate complete wash downs. Lighting and whole house music complete the Greenhouse and Hot Tub area.