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    The East Bedroom Suite provides a private contemplative space overlooking the Koi Pond and gardens to the west.
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    The East Suite Bathroom design hints toward Japanese influence with crisp clean details. The room is flooded in natural sunlight through the skylight well.

East Bedroom Suite

The East Bedroom Suite is finished in Costa Rican Guanacaste beams and solid Tostado wall paneling. The walls in this room are finely sanded and left unfinished, giving the surfaces a soft, glowing quality, enhanced in the evening by soffit lighting that washes both walls and ceiling with warm light.  The atrium windows provide a beautiful view of the Koi Pond and beyond. Three closets provide ample storage and are accessed through solid Brazilian Cherry doors that are standard throughout the home. When opened, all closets are automatically lit.

The East Suite bathroom features bamboo cabinets with dovetailed Baltic Birch drawers. The vanity mirror and floating ceiling lighting ensemble was designed and built by David Eck and includes beveled mirrors and Lindcandescent lamps. Grohe shower valves, stainless steel fixtures and hardware complete the room. Two skylights bring light into both the shower and the vanity. Granite trims the skylight, light soffit and the shower. Ventilation in the room is triggered either by humidity sensors or motion detectors placed adjacent to the toilet or in the shower stalls; duration of exhaust cycle is adjustable and automatically managed by the central computer.