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    “The highest reward for a person's toil is not what they get for it, but what they become by it.” --John Ruskin

Jay Peterson

Jay Peterson grew up on Mercer Island and graduated from Mercer Island High School in 1988. His only woodworking experience had come from the encouragement of his Middle School Vice Principal, Dr. Coulson, who pointed Jay toward woodshop and drafting classes. Jay was friendly with the Coval children, and asked one afternoon in 1992 to borrow the table saw in the Coval woodshop. Dave Eck noticed his careful attention to detail and natural talent, and immediately asked Jay if he wanted a job. Jay joined the team, absorbing everything he could from the more experienced woodworkers, and soon produced many of the finest details on the Coval Residence. Jay was instrumental in the dressing Room cabinets, the Library, and the Pool Room Trusses, among other key projects in the Coval home.

In 1999 Jay moved to Maui and opened up his own shop, building fine cabinets and furniture for island residences. While on Maui Jay met Laura, a local teacher, and they happily married in 2005. Two years later they built a home together on Molokai, where Laura continues to teach and Jay continues fine woodworking from his new studio. When not in the shop, Jay launches his reliable 19-foot boat into the sea and line-catches mahi, ono, and onaga that he sells to Oahu’s finest restaurants. And just as in Seattle, Jay’s tools may occasionally be found patiently waiting on the workbench, while he nourishes his creative free spirit on a perfect set of waves. More about Jay and his woodworking can be found at his website, Jay Peterson Woodworking.